Desert moonlight

About Me

I am a photographer living in Ohio again after 20 years in California. I’ve been shooting photos in various forms since the late 1980s and received my first “real” 35mm camera in 1985. I still occasionally use it. I own a medical video production company and have been lucky enough to shoot surgery and clinical content professionally for our clients. This site will allow me to expand the availability and exposure of my personal work and give me an outlet for some creative projects.

It is my goal to create images that can be shared without the need for lengthy explanation of subject matter or the requirement of special knowledge on the part of the viewer. In my view, the best photographs tell a story or stimulate feeling, emotion or interest. I travel often for work and enjoyment and that gives me access to a variety of photographic possibilities and locations. I prefer subjects like landscape and nature but figures will also enter the frame from time to time..